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We'll have 12 experienced speakers from Ukraine and Europe sharing their stories on testing, quality management, and test automation. Speakers will present in both general and technical streams, so everyone will find something new to experience.

Myroslava Garasym

Myroslava has been working at SoftServe in QC direction for 14 years. She started her career as Junior QC Engineer, grown through all the engineering levels, projects of different types and complexity, different project roles, including QA Manager and Scrum-Master. For the last 3 years Mira is a part of Quality Management Office at SoftServe and currently is driving QMO.

Pavlo Vedilin

Pavlo Vedilin, Competency Manager in SoftServe`s Quality Management Office. He believes that automation is fun and easy, and it should be used to make computers cope with routine and boring tasks. That thought formed over more than 9 years of experience in the Software Development industry. starting with manual QA and moving to JEE Development and Test Automation

Bartosz Szulc

Bart Szulc, Senior Quality Engineer at Spartez, is actively involved in testing communities, presenting on most popular testing conferences in Poland (Agile & Automation Days, Quality Excites, Test Warez and TestFest). Recently he joined Spartez and started helping Atlassian to train, mentor and prove software developers can become good testers too.

Anna Tymofieieva

Anna has 10 years’ experience in IT, 5 years as QA Team Lead. She has been working at SoftServe since 2014. Besides working, she is volonteer at SoftServe Donation Foundation «Open Yes» and a teacher in Hillel IT school.

Emilia Lendzion-Barszcz

Emilia Lendzion. Since 2017 she's been involved in organizing championship in software testing - TestingCup. After hours she conducts workshops, presentations with Girls Who Test, she lectures (Kariera IT,Testcamp, Geek Girls Carrots meetup), writes a blog called

Taras Oleksyn

Taras Oleksyn, Senior Test Automation engineer with 4+ years of experience inside and outside the offices of SoftServe Inc. He enjoys building robust, easy to use and elegant test automation solutions.😇

Sergey Pirogov

Sergey Pirogov, Senior Test Automation Engineer at Ciklum Kiev. Sergey spoke at more than 18 conferences such as Selenium Camp Kyiv, SQA Days , QA Fest, Agile & Automation Days etc.

Aleksey Stulnikov

QA Tech Lead at MobiDev. He has 8 years of experience in management and 1,5 years in testing. Aleksey was a speaker at various external events.👨💼 For the last year he organized test processes for two projects and would like to talk about his experience on one of them. 

Ivan Pashko

Ivan Pashko is a Test Automation Engineer and Scrum Master at Ciklum, Betsson project. He has more than 7 years of experience in IT, 5 of them in test automation. Ivan is a constant speaker at Selenium Camp Kyiv and QA Fest.

Tomasz Dubikowski

Tomasz Dubikowski, Software Development Manager at Ocado Technology. He has 5 years of experience working as a Software Engineer, Scrum Master and Agile Trainer.

Olena Fesenko

Ivan Leshko

Ivan Leshko, VP Client Success and Olena Fesenko, QC Lead at Softserve.👨‍💼 Ivan has more than 14 years of continuous IT experience and more then 8 years of solid QA experience: leading QA teams and philosophy for business-expansion.


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